We recommend using to set up a meeting.  There may be others, but Meetup seems to be the most common here in the US and is fairly easy to use.  Below are the step-by-step instructions and tips to setting up your first meeting on Meetup.  And the site is searchable so anyone looking for an Ascension Experiences meeting can easily find your meetings.  You can download all the materials to get you started by visiting our materials page.  

Step-by-Step Instructions for using Meetup

1. Go to

We recommend using Meetup to create and schedule meetings. Go to the website and Click on "Start a New Group" on the top right of the screen. Tip: The Meetup site is easy to use and fairly inexpensive (~$10-$15 per month). It is also the site most likely to come up if people are searching for meetings in their local area.

2. Enter your Group Home Town

Enter your group’s home town (or the place you will be holding meetings) and click Next.

3. Add Relevant Categories

Next add categories that are relevant. You should include Ascension as a category but also any other related categories such as Spiritual Awakening, Consciousness, Law of Attraction, Metaphysics, Energy Healing, etc.

Tip: Pick as many categories as possible (up to 15) since Meet-up will send notices to anyone who is a member of a group that includes that category. It is a great way to get members. And you might get invites to other meetings that might be related to Ascension.

4. Name your Meeting: Use Meeting Title Ascension Experiences

Add the name of the meeting, Ascension Experiences, and describe your meeting. This is what people will see when searching for a meeting on Meetup. A PDF with a sample meeting description is provided in "Meeting Materials."

Tip: Using the title "Ascension Experiences" will help those looking specifically for guidance on Ascension to identify the meeting as being for them. Also, if they are looking specifically for the “Ascension Experiences” meeting that they have seen on social media, other websites, etc., they will be able to identify your meeting as being consistent with all other Ascension Experiences meetings being held in other locations. For those not familiar with the term Ascension or not sure what they are looking for it is helpful to go into more detail on what they may be experiencing. The list doesn't need to be exhaustive but detailed enough for potential participants to identify with as issues they may be experiencing.

5. Now you will Create an Account

You can choose Facebook or Google to create an account.

Tip: Members will not see your email address/facebook account. Meetup allows members to communicate via their site. It’s a bit clunky but it does work.

6. Choose your Account

Choose an account you want to use.

7. Finalize your Account on Meetup

Finalize your account on Meetup

8. Choose a Subscription Plan

Choose a subscription plan. The Basic plan will allow up to 50 members and 4 organizers. If you go over 50 members or over 4 organizers, then you will have to upgrade to the "Unlimited" plan anyway. Note that I went over 50 members within a few months!

Tip: If this is your first Meetup, you can choose the Unlimited Plan for $9.99 per month (vs. $14.99) if you sign up for 6 months.

9. Choose a Payment Plan

Choose a payment plan.

Tip: As it will likely take a few months for the community to become aware of your meetings, choosing a 6-month plan vs. 1-month will give your meetup the time it needs to grow. Also, it will allow you to develop a history of holding meetings which shows potential new and current attendees that you are serious and committed to holding them regularly.

10. Add your Credit Card Information

Add your credit card information and confirm subscription. Note that Meetup will review your meeting details prior to approving you for a subscription. This process can take up to 24 hours.

11. Create your First Ascension Experiences Event

Once you have been approved by Meetup, you are ready to create your first meeting. Click on Create Event. An Ascension Experiences logo is available in Meeting Materials

12. Enter Meeting Details - Time, Location & Date

Enter the title of your meeting, Ascension Experiences, and the date and time of your meeting. You can also upload a photo of yourself, a logo, etc.

13. Enter Additional Details - Fees, Food etc.

Add any additional information under Description. Typically members will want to know if there is a fee, if they need to bring anything, if food/drinks will be served (especially if meetings are being held at the end of a work day) and what to expect at the meeting.

14. Explore Optional Settings

Optional settings allow you to repeat the event, ask members a question, put a limit on attendees and guests and list any fees.

Tip: If you are going to charge attendees, note that typical fees range from $5-$20 per person.

Tip: Meetup allows you to cap the number of attendees and guests but be aware than often only about half of those who RSVP will actually show.