July, 2019 Newsletter

Blessings all,

First let me thank you all for subscribing to the website and apologize for how long it’s taken me to get out a newsletter. Between traveling and these intense energies, it’s been a challenge and I appreciate your patience. So, as we enter into these July eclipses, and the energies get even more intense (!), I thought it was a good time to reflect on the last few months of Ascension Experiences meetings.

In the early days of holding meetings, not surprisingly I didn’t get many people. Most were not aware of Ascension but many were experiencing things they couldn’t explain: visions, visitations, synchronicities, etc…and I got a few attendees who were just plain curious. At that point, I was happy to have any attendees at all but was a bit disappointed that more Ascension-aware people weren’t coming through. However, in just in the last few months, I am starting to get more attendees, many who are at least aware of Ascension and a few who have been on the path for a long time. It does seem Ascension is going mainstream….at least a little!

I also am noticing more young people attending and they just bring a different energy. They are committed, open-minded, willing to share everything, have very high ideals and aren’t afraid to make themselves heard. It’s pretty amazing to see this group coming awake and imagining what they will do to change the world. That said, for us more “experienced” folks (and yes, we tend to be older at least in years…) we bring stability, wisdom, patience and a strong sense-of-self that balances out the group. It really has been remarkable to watch these meetings unfold and know that we are all on the forefront of a movement that will continue grow in the coming months and years. It’s is an awesome responsibility and one I never take for granted. I believe those we teach today will become tomorrow’s teachers.

So, I hope you have at least been considering holding your own meetings. (If not, I know it’s a big step and you will know if it’s the right time.) BUT- if yes or you are even considering holding meetings, please let me know as I am scheduling zoom call with a group of other meeting hosts from across the globe. The idea is to share experiences, discuss meeting topics, share ideas, and support each other, etc. I am planning now for the week of July 8-11th so send me an email if you are interested with a day and a time of day that works best for you (Include your time zone please!). My email is And if you can’t attend, I am planning to record the call (assuming all participants agree) and can send it out to each of you following.

I wish you all a blessed eclipse passage and truly thanks again for subscribing.


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