August 2019 Newsletter

August 2019, Newsletter

Blessings all,

Goodbye July and Hello August! We welcomed in 2 eclipses and a solstice last month which was awesome but also challenging on so many levels. The physical and emotional symptoms were like a roller coaster; highs to lows in rapid succession sometimes minute to minute. Many times, I had to stop and re-center and re-connect to manage through them. Whew! Thankfully, at least for the moment, we seem to be in a relatively calm period for me to sit down and finally write something coherent. Of course, the geomagnetic storms seem to be increasing this week and we have the Lion’s Gate too so we will see how August unfolds….

So, while July might have been a wild ride, we managed to hold our first video call with others who are hosting meetings or events focused on Ascension. We had people from across the globe participate including Germany, Spain, and in the US. We are hosting Ascension events in Barcelona and on the Rogue River in Oregon, holding live Facebook meditations for hundreds of thousands of listeners, and having small gatherings in coffee houses and in our homes. We even had a few who were interested in hosting meetings but wanted to learn more before they took the plunge. We connected in so many ways as we shared our own experiences, insights, challenges, etc. It was truly an amazing experience for all of us.

In brief, some of the highlights were:

-Agreement that we are all starting to see more people coming to our meetings/events

-Identified a potential need to have meetings for “beginners” as well for those who have been on the path for a longer period of time

-Having guests such as Ascension guides, healers, those doing light language, etc., enhanced the experience for everyone

-Created an opportunity to share each other’s meeting/event information on our respective sites (all participant’s information has been posted on It was a real opportunity to network for each other!

-Creation of a Facebook site where we can share on an on-going basis (I have had a love/hate relationship with Facebook over the years but it was a great suggestion so will do that shortly and send out the address.)

-Lastly, everyone agreed that having meetings raised our own vibrations exponentially. A wonderful side benefit of holding meetings and events!

I AM planning another call later on in August so if you are holding any kind of Ascension-focused meetings/events and would like to participate, please let me know and I’m happy to include you. Even if you are just interested in speaking to others to get more information, you are more than welcome too! I typically pick 2 different times to accommodate everyone and record the calls for those who can’t attend. My email is or (Also email me with your own meeting information and I’m happy to post it on my site.)

I do believe we are all on the forefront of the Ascension movement and I am very grateful to be able to connect with others who are putting themselves out there too. Helping others as they come awake is truly an honor and I am so delighted to share the experiences with my beautiful brothers and siSTARs across the globe! Thank you!


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