April 2020 Newsletter

Blessings all,

I hope you are all well and thriving (or at least surviving) in this quarantine. Here in Northwestern Virginia it has been relatively quiet and safe but for most of my family in NY it has been very challenging. It’s a tough time to be away from those we love especially since most of us are empaths and healers and I know my frustration levels have reached all time highs on some days. That said, I know it is a lesson, albeit a hard one, and I’m finding all I can do is surrender and send as much love and light as I can muster.

It also seems triggers are abounding for me and everyone else I know. Whether we are channeling the collective fear and anxiety and/or our own personal issues that need clearing, it has been a very emotional time. And for those of us used to focusing on helping others vs. working on ourselves (my greatest escape), I am trying to redirect my compassion to myself. Not easy for me and I know not easy for a great many of us but I do believe that in and of itself, is of benefit not just to ourselves, but to the collective wellbeing.

As far as the media, the conspiracy theorists, and everyone else out there with the “real” perspective on what’s really happening, I am trying to see all this from a neutral perspective and assume all is unfolding as it should. Definitely not easy some days especially when the energies are just blasting us and it’s hard to stay focused let alone put one foot in front of the other. And even though we know what an honor and a privilege it is to be here at this time, I do find myself asking my guides to remind me again of why I agreed to do this?! Really are you sure I knew about this and did it anyway??? Seriously, you just need to laugh some days to make it through….

On the Ascension front, I have been holding weekly Ascension Experiences Zoom calls with my Meet-up members since we can’t meet in person. Most are newly awakening and it has been an interesting dynamic to manage through. And while I do miss the in-person discussions, I have found in some ways it has been easier for attendees to share their experiences from the comfort of their homes. We are meditating, have members channeling, doing light language and we are sending healing light across the planet. Some truly beautiful experiences are being generated and I am so very grateful.

I am also holding another monthly meeting for those of you focusing on Ascension in your meetings or for any who just want to join with a group of like-minded starseeds and lightworkers. We had a great meeting last month and garnered attendees from as far away as Australia. I am planning to hold this meeting on Wednesday, May 6th at 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) via Zoom. If you would like to join us please email me at or and I will send you the Zoom info. If that time is challenging for you but you would like to meet, feel free to send me some alternative dates/times and I will try to make it work!

I close this newsletter by acknowledging all of you out there who are helping others awaken in this challenging time. It is a real gift you are giving them and one that cannot be valued highly enough.

Thank you!


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