Blessings Brothers and SiSTARs!

My name is Christie Kennedy and I have been actively following the path toward Ascension for about 2 years.  As background to the site, I moved back to Texas in early 2018, after living and working for 40 years in NYC.  While in NYC, I had a fairly well developed network focused on Ascension, but was challenged to find that same type of community in


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Texas.  I spent months going to meetings on topics such as developing your psychic abilities, healing, meditation, channeling, etc., but none specifically focused on Ascension.   So out of necessity (and a little bit of frustration!) I decided to create one myself.  Since then I have held many meetings in my home and it has truly been an amazing experience.  I've had those who are well versed in Ascension and have been on the path for many years to those who just aren’t sure what’s going on but know something is different and everyone in between.   Many have never heard the term "Ascension" but are coming because they are being challenged in some area of their lives and realize the "old" ways of coping aren't working.  I have found that bringing such a diverse group together creates a space for sharing experiences, provides support for those struggling or searching, and generates some truly amazing and positive energies.  All have something to contribute no matter how large or small and all seem to leave just a little lighter and not feeling so alone.


Because my experiences have been so gratifying and have really helped me to raise my own vibration (!), I created the website to help others have the same experience.  I know it takes getting to a certain level of trust to host a meeting in your own home or in any location, but I find if you put the right vibration out there, you will get the right people to your meetings.  All it takes is keeping an open heart and an open mind and trusting that all who come will get what they need to help them along the journey. 

The site itself is packed with a wealth of information including how to set up a meeting, tips for hosting, a sample meeting description, and an Ascension Experiences logo.   We have created a blog and plan to hold monthly video chats so you can meet with other hosts to discuss our experiences, exchange information, and provide support to one another.  We will also hold quarterly calls with experienced and well-known Ascension Guides on various topics that will support our group.

And last but certainly not least, I want to acknowledge Ascension Guide Sandra Walter who had the original idea of creating a template for meetings and a community focused on Ascension.  And while I pulled together the nuts and bolts of the site, it was not without significant input and infinite patience on her part.  Her vision was much greater than mine and she gently pushed me to think "bigger" at every stage of it's creation.  I can honestly say the website simply would not exist without her.  Blessings and sincere thanks to her and to all who have led the way for so long. 

I hope you will join us.  We truly are creating Ascension communities one meeting at a time!